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GSSN sponsors two youth support groups: Middle School (generally grades 6-8 *) and High School (grades 9-12). Both are FREE and open to residents of Geauga County and surrounding areas. GSSN youth groups provide an open, safe, and accepting environment for LGBTQIA youth to receive and provide peer support. Youth may also just listen and know they are not alone. 

Groups meet in-person monthly year-round. Both groups meet on the second Monday from 5:30 – 7:00PM in separate rooms. Dinner and water are provided. Meeting locations are not publicized. During the summer, park lodges/shelters are reserved. Siblings and allies/friends are always welcome to attend. Please email us at for more information.

Only trusted adults assist in organization and facilitation.  The facilitators maintain confidentiality and ask the attendees to honor this also.  No sharing of participant names or personal information is allowed unless authorized by a parent. Facilitators will communicate with parents if safety concerns arise. For more information, please read our Privacy Notice on the ABOUT page.

Though LGBTQ youth may experience rejection and struggle internally, which can lead to anxiety, and depression, identifying as LGBTQ is not a mental health disorder. Support and acceptance with peers in a safe environment can ease the challenges.

What to Expect

There is no specific curriculum; all are encouraged to suggest and plan activities. Programs and presentations are scheduled for some sessions, such as Equine with horses, an art class. Professionals may occasionally be invited to speak on age-appropriate topics, such as healthy relationships, nicotine, and vaping risks, etc. If a special program is planned, parents are notified with details in advance.

*Middle School Group Only: Parental permission is required for participants under age 14.  A GSSN board member must communicate directly with the parent.


GSSN hosts a monthly support group for LGBTQ adults, parents, and family members. This group is an opportunity to give and receive support and learn about resources. The ranges of ages, perspectives, and life journeys, provide powerful and moving exchange. Attendees are supported wherever they are in their journey. We strive to create a welcoming and positive environment where impactful matters may be raised and discussed – but where specific religious, political, or social agendas are strongly discouraged.

The Adult Support Group is strictly CONFIDENTIAL, which means that no unauthorized sharing of names or personal information is allowed, and no recordings or photos are permitted without prior authorization. For more information, please read our Privacy Notice on the ABOUT page. 

Meeting locations are not publicized. For more information, email