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Our goals are to increase community support, knowledge, understanding, and inclusion of LGBTQIA individuals. We sponsor support groups, events, training, and partner with local resources, regional, and national organizations.

How We Began

Geauga SOGI Support Network (GSSN) was established through collaborative efforts of parents, LGBTQIA individuals, and professional counselors serving this population. The founding board began meeting in January 2020 and became an independent, 501(c)3 non-profit organization in April. To fully understand the community needs, board members spoke with LGBTQ youth and adults, and with staff in schools, social service agencies, churches, and civic groups.

GSSN values connection and collaboration with other organizations for the purpose of knowledge, resources, education, and collective support and advocacy. GSSN is a member of Plexus; LGBT+ Allied Chamber of Commerce of Northeast Ohio. GSSN Board members serve on the following committees:

  • LGBTQIA Coalition of Northeast Ohio – 30+ organizations, 90+ people on email communication
  • Community Forum of Geauga County – assessing and serving the high risk needs of youth K-12. Supported by the Drug Free Communities federal grant.
  • Geauga Tobacco, Vaping, Cannabis Coalition for Youth – supported by state grants
  • Geauga County Department of Health

We thank the Buckeye Flame for this article chronicling our history and focus.

Privacy Notice

Effective date: April 4, 2022

The Geauga SOGI Support Network (GSSN) considers privacy to be a serious matter. We do not capture any personally identifiable information about users of our website.

Individuals may voluntarily provide information to make a donation or register for an event. GSSN may use this information for subsequent contact including confirmations, acknowledgments, and information updates. Unless given permission, GSSN does not share personal information with other parties.

Our Board

  • President: Chris Steigerwald, M.Ed
  • Vice President: Minna Zelch, M.Ed,
    Rem Evergarden
  • Kristina
  • Vanessa Jensen, PsyD ABPP
  • Jared Hammond, MT-BC, CTRP-C 
  • George Purgert, LISW-S